Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anthology Blog #2

My Professional Piece! Here's the introduction:)

Relationships Between Consultants in the Writing Center
                Last year, I was brought into a new family. We weren’t the usual family though, all of us with different appearances. Some of us with dark skin and some with light, some with blue eyes and some with brown; however, none judged. Not only were the appearances different, but the interests were too. There were some brothers and sisters who played instruments, some who did art, and some who gave their all for sports. There was one thing we all had in common though; we were all there to write. We all were asked and confirmed a part of the fine Mattawan High School Writing Center Program. We grew with each other, accepting each other’s weaknesses and helping grow each other’s strengths to become stronger. Like a family, we compromised, inspired, and loved one another.
                As the year school year came to an end though, the seniors graduated, and changes came into place. It seemed as if the family relationship we once held at the Mattawan Writing Center was beginning to fade. It changed from all of us being in one classroom, spending every day as a class, a team, and a family, helping other students further their writing skills and helping each other while writing creative and professional pieces for the class. When the new school year came around, the writing center class was split into six different hours of the school day. However, we enjoyed the time we had together. The adjustments made in the Writing Center this year caused many changes between the consultants, this caused the relationships to transform along the way too. 

Anthology Blog #1

I don't have ideas for all of my pieces yet, only my professional piece, but here is the idea and outline foe that!

The Relationship of Consultants in the Writing Center
Intro: talk about the differences in schedules in writing center from last year to this year.

Thesis: explain how there has been a lot of changes amongst the relationships between the consultants in the writing center.

First Body: I will explain which writing center set up I like better and why.Get opinions from other second year consultants, which set up do they like better? Also, tell why this is important to me.

Second Body: Talk about how and why the changes have affected us so much as a writing center family.

Third Body:Talk about what we do to improve the relationships within the class.

Fourth Body: Talk about what we can do to improve the relationships amongst the consultants in Writing Center.

Conclusion: Restate Thesis. Explain the big picture: Writing Center is still a helpful source to other students, no matter what the relationships are like between the consultants. It just helps when they do to keep a positive environment.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog #5

         After everything Nolan and I have been through, and I tell you, it is a lot more than what this story has lead on to, I truly believe we have the ability to get through anything. Like I said before, I have a dream and it is to have a family and be happy one day. If I live a happy life than I would say that that is a successful life, to me. If Nolan wants to be a part of my life for the rest of the time I am living, I will graciously accept that, knowing that he is perfect. Know that if we can keep the love we have, talking things out when either of us gets upset, learning new ways to make each other smile, and love each other regardless of the circumstances, then we will make it. I have no doubts about us. The fact that he wants this to work out just as much as I do makes me that much more doubtless than I already am. I go to sleep every night and wake up every morning with a text from him saying how much he loves me, saying good night, and asking how I slept, and every text shows me his love and lets me keep thinking that we are perfect together. That we will make it. I don’t ever plan on giving up on our love or the perfect relationship we have, after all, our hands fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Blog #4

Chapter ?: A Chapter of Love
            I want to start out with Tyler. Tyler Stephen Simpson was the love of my life in the first grade. Laugh if you will, but he taught me a lot about myself. The relationship didn’t last that long, for I was young and wanted to explore all of my options. In the summer going into fifth grade though, my family moved from Westland to Kalamazoo, Michigan for my dad’s job. Tyler was still my best friend when I left. After the move though, I didn’t keep in contact with him. After years of not talking to him I looked him up on myspace, yes myspace, and began talking with him. This eventually progressed into texting and talking on the phone every night. When I really started getting to know him, I got really into it. Whenever I hear the Juno soundtrack, it reminds me of Tyler. The movie came out around the time that I got into my fling with him and I fell in love with it immediately, I got the soundtrack the very night I saw it and listened to it over and over again. To this day, I still get reminded of the bright white smile of Tyler Simpson and the way he spoke his words every time I hear the music of Juno. He wasn’t the most book smart kid, but his street smarts were impeccable. The things he taught me about the world and the people in it were amazing to me and they opened up my eyes. He was the one person that could convince me that the world didn’t and still doesn’t revolve around me, which happened to be a good lesson to learn at the age of thirteen. I lost most of my friends that summer for the simple fact that I wasn’t interested in dealing with all of the drama. Once I went through things with Tyler, I saw my life in a different way. I wanted to live it for what I wanted to live it, instead of how other people wanted me to live it, if this meant losing my friends then I would make new ones. Tyler was perfect as the time lasted, but I think the reason I learned so much from him was because he was the first guy that I was really into that decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore, and not the other way around. 

Blog #3

Chapter 2: Let’s Talk Family

                First, I will talk a little about mine. Then, I will talk a little about Nolan& his family. After that, I will compare and contrast the two. Throughout all of this, I will explain my philosophies on family and why I have them.
                On a serious note, I don’t even know where to begin. My family is very close. We’re the type of family that pee’s with the door open. The type that hug and kiss each other good bye every morning. I am the youngest of five kids. My dad, Ray, and my mom, Lisa, are the best parents in the world that a child could ever ask for. They do everything they possibly can for me and the rest of my siblings as well. They have taught all of their children how to go down the path of straight and narrow. Although some of us have veered off at times, my parents have helped us jump right back on course.
 My dad, who is the main financial source in our house, is the Director of Operations for a few Red Lobsters around the area. He is gone on business trips quite frequently; however, this makes the time that we do have together, at home, more special. He is stern, with his employees, but a jokster around his kids. I guess I could see why people think he’s intimidating, but for me, he is “Bubbi”. He is silly and fun. He fills up my gas tank for surprises and gives me gas cards in trade for grilled cheese. He supports me and the decision I make. For the most part, him and my mother both let me make my own decisions and if I fail then I learn by making my own mistakes. A dad is an amazing thing to have. Mine, he is always there to love me. 

Blog #2

Chapter 1: A Swearing Me
                To be blunt, I swear. I swear very often. My parents brought me up better than that, yes I know. I am not going to stop though. Maybe I will when I grow up, become more mature, and have kids of my own. As of right now though, I will continue on with what I do. Bringing up this topic is vital, although this chapter will be a short one, one of to-the-point logics, it is important that I explain this. To this point, I have avoided any use of swear word, inappropriateness, and derogatory language; however, this is the place where I will not hold back anymore. I will tell it how it is, and that is that.
                The thing is, I know the time and place. I will not go into work, at the local movie theater, swearing at customers for taking too long on their decisions. “Sir, you’ve already waited in line for ten minutes, why couldn’t you look at the fucking menu then. You’re holding up my line,” would not exactly go over well with my boss. I will not swear at my boyfriend’s mother because her actions are never thought out. I will not swear at the teachers at school when they don’t explain the subject well enough. The list could go on and on, but the point is that I swear to further express myself. Yes, I could find other ways to do so, but I am lazy and refuse to do so. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

blog that was spose to be done last week...

Introduction: The Start
                Throughout my entire life I have had the feeling that I am different. I don’t get along with most people and I have very few friends. However, I have had no desire to be the same. No longing to be liked and have more friends. I would definitely consider myself to be a solitary person. I have been told many times that to get through life one must have a positive attitude and have good “team ethics”. Well, here’s the thing, I am very happy in my own way; however, I have never liked sports, always been a more artsy type of gal and I don’t try to have good “team ethics”. I don’t try to get along with other people. I don’t try to do anything I don’t want. Don’t get me wrong, I am motivated. I get done what I need to. I have many wants in the world and I will strive to be successful in them. I am smart. Although I don’t highly excel in many things, I do all of my homework and use my common sense to get me places. There is something I want to say before I keep writing though, I am judgmental, bluntly honest, and I do not care if I hurt other people’s feelings.