Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog #4

Chapter ?: A Chapter of Love
            I want to start out with Tyler. Tyler Stephen Simpson was the love of my life in the first grade. Laugh if you will, but he taught me a lot about myself. The relationship didn’t last that long, for I was young and wanted to explore all of my options. In the summer going into fifth grade though, my family moved from Westland to Kalamazoo, Michigan for my dad’s job. Tyler was still my best friend when I left. After the move though, I didn’t keep in contact with him. After years of not talking to him I looked him up on myspace, yes myspace, and began talking with him. This eventually progressed into texting and talking on the phone every night. When I really started getting to know him, I got really into it. Whenever I hear the Juno soundtrack, it reminds me of Tyler. The movie came out around the time that I got into my fling with him and I fell in love with it immediately, I got the soundtrack the very night I saw it and listened to it over and over again. To this day, I still get reminded of the bright white smile of Tyler Simpson and the way he spoke his words every time I hear the music of Juno. He wasn’t the most book smart kid, but his street smarts were impeccable. The things he taught me about the world and the people in it were amazing to me and they opened up my eyes. He was the one person that could convince me that the world didn’t and still doesn’t revolve around me, which happened to be a good lesson to learn at the age of thirteen. I lost most of my friends that summer for the simple fact that I wasn’t interested in dealing with all of the drama. Once I went through things with Tyler, I saw my life in a different way. I wanted to live it for what I wanted to live it, instead of how other people wanted me to live it, if this meant losing my friends then I would make new ones. Tyler was perfect as the time lasted, but I think the reason I learned so much from him was because he was the first guy that I was really into that decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore, and not the other way around. 

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